Regis/St. Mary Strategic Plan

November 2016

For the last eight months, our school leadership and representative stakeholders have engaged in a strategic planning process with an outside consulting company (Meitler from Milwaukee, Wisconsin) that specializes in helping Catholic schools and parishes develop long range plans. We have completed a robust five-year plan and are excited about the future of our schools. More plan details will be coming next month.

Regis and St. Mary will be officially merging as one PK-12 school system under the governance of one board of directors effective July 1, 2017. This is indeed exciting news and I am sure opens up a myriad of questions for many of you. Probably foremost in your mind is, “How will this affect my children?” The short answer is that students (and most parents) will not notice a day-to-day difference in their school lives due to the change in governance. There will be many positive outcomes with the change, but practically speaking, your children will not be able to consciously note the difference.

There will be many details to work out as we transition from two schools to one system. We appreciate your continued prayers and support as we work to make it as seamless as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Catholic Sentinel “St. Mary and Regis to Merge”


What does a “merger” mean exactly?

Regis and St. Mary are joining together under one school board, the model under which Regis currently operates, and become a PK-12 diocesan school system within the Archdiocese of Portland. St. Mary will no longer be a parish school ministry of Immaculate Conception Church (ICC). However, both schools will remain in physically the same place with the same grades. That is, St. Mary will still be a PK-8 school across from the church and Regis a 9-12 on its campus.

Both the current Regis High School Board of Directors (BOD) and the St. Mary School Advisory Council (SAC) will be dissolved at the end of this school year and a new PK-12 school system board will be formed and commence on July 1, 2017.

Who specifically was involved in the process?

All of the following people participated in this process of developing the overall strategic plan, which includes the new governance model:

  • Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample, Archbishop

  • Br. William Dygert, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

  • Fr. Ed Coleman, ICC Pastor

  • ICC Administrative Council Representatives

  • St. Mary SAC Representatives

  • Regis BOD Representatives

  • Regis-St. Mary Foundation Representatives

  • A specially formed Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) made up of parents, faculty, and community members

  • Rick Schindler, Jacki Bailey, Candi Hedrick, Sarah Woodley

  • Meitler Company Representatives

Will the names of the schools change?

No, both schools/campuses will keep their names. However, we may create a combined name for when talking about the system (e.g. for website, advertising, publications, etc.)

How will this affect the schools financially? ICC financially?

Our goal is ensure that this transition is financially neutral for both the parish and the schools. Meaning, we are going to work very hard to make sure none of the budgets are adversely affected and that financially, the parish and the schools remain in much the same relationship, in terms of the bottom line (and otherwise). St. Mary will continue to celebrate weekly Mass at ICC and participate in the life of the parish.

Who will own the St. Mary property?

ICC will retain ownership of the St. Mary school building and grounds. We will work out a long term lease agreement (again, maintaining an overall neutral financial impact).

Will the schools look/feel different?

Practically speaking, what people perceive about the schools now will not be any different experientially. Students will have the same teachers, schedules, sports, music, lunch, recess, etc. Their world will be the same. Parents will still get tuition bills and be asked to fundraise:) From the outside looking in, we do not believe anyone will see much of a difference, with one exception – a shared, unified vision and mission with both schools speaking as one.

Why merge?

We gain many advantages and possibilities:

  • The shared, unified vision

  • PK-12 curriculum alignment

  • Strategic planning as a system

  • Shared staffing and flexibility of human resources

  • Programmatic coordination

    • Campus ministry, music, arts, technology, etc.

  • Fundraising efficiency, coordinated efforts

  • Seamless “product” for families

  • Financial flexibility; economy of scale

How can you help?

  • Pray for us; pray for the school leadership

  • Continue to support the schools

  • Encourage families to inquire about enrolling

  • Promote the upcoming Regis Information Day – Sunday, January 29 @ 1:00 p.m.